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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leave the Pieces FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like Dear John?
What are some of the Differences?
How often will you update?
What made you not make Charlie and Renee her parents?
Is he in love w/ Bella or is he just being the protective non-brotherly type?

No. Did I see the previews during the New Moon Premiere? HELL YES! After I saw the preview I went out, bought the book and bawled my f*ing eyes out. Luckily the movie had a happier ending, but this still won't be like Dear John.

I placed them in Florida because that's where I live and I really want to KNOW the culture and the environment that they live in.
I sped the timeline up in DJ, he still had 1.5 years left, where as I only gave him 6 months.
His dad does not have any form of Autism While I think that added to the original story of DJ, it didn't work with the story I was trying to write.

I hope to update more frequently once I finish my other story 3, 2, 1...but that won't be for another month or so. This story is going to have a little more angst than my other (mostly fluff and rainbows) story did. I am not a very fast writer...I break it up with banners and blog work for Creative B, so probably every other week. *shrugs* But you won't get another chapter until that's finished unless the mood just strikes me :)

I like to switch parts played by individual characters. You usually find out later in my stories why the parents have been switched and if there is a reason or not.

To me, it does seem like Jasper is in love with Bella, yes. They've grown up together and it's natural for him to want her. Will someone else come along and steal his heart? If so, he might find out that what he's feeling for Bella isn't romantic love.


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