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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fandom For Preemies Update

Hey Guys!

Sorry I've been kind of MIA with updates but what can I say...this is what I get for being involved in other parts of the fandom and NOT writing ahead. <---will never not write ahead again.

I wanted to mention that I finished chapter 7 tonight, yay. I hope it's what you were looking for because I definitely was back to struggling and I HATE struggling with a PASSION!

I also finished and submitted my Fandom For Preemies piece. It started out as a 321 prompt but quickly took a left turn and became either an Leave the Pieces Futuretake OR a stand alone O/S. It could be a little of both...I hope you like it either way!

Anyway, here's a little inspiration to go along with the Fandom for Preemies piece. Two songs, two artists...same title.


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